An inspired student-centered environment like no other school in Oklahoma City

A great school is one thing. But a great school that is also part of a truth-seeking, character-driven university? Now that is something entirely different.


Because the SNU Lab School is part of a university rich in tradition of refining character, creating culture and serving Christ, our guiding principles are infused into everything we do across all aspects of our curriculum.

  • Intellectual curiosity and creativity come naturally to all children, and the SNU Lab School fosters that curiosity by encouraging each child to seek paths of inquiry, interest, and expression.
  • Open-mindedness is a tool that allows students to be flexible when solving problems and to accept differing points of view as viable solutions. This could not be more important given the increasingly global world facing our children.
  • Critical thinking and analysis are taught at every age level. At the SNU Lab School, we want each child to ask not just why but also what if.
  • A respect for evidence is found throughout the school. Students learn to shape their own opinions and then fully leverage evidence to reshape their ideas.

We wouldn’t expect anything less from a school that exists in the heart of a truth-seeking, character-building university.