Director's Office

Welcome to the SNU Lab School!

Because the SNU Lab School is part of a university rich in tradition of refining character, creating culture and serving Christ, our guiding principles are infused into everything we do across all aspects of our curriculum.

The SNU Lab School’s history is firmly rooted in experiential learning—an approach that enriches the educational experience for our students and contributes to our reputation as one of only a few schools in the region that is designed to build character through project-based learning.

All of this starts each morning when our teachers and staff arrive at school committed to giving our children the best possible education. And it ends when our students leave us with creative confidence and the knowledge that they have been part of an exceptional and unique learning community.

To choose to be part of the SNU Lab School is to embrace deeply held and widely shared values:

  • We believe in the power of the human intellect and the importance of education.

  • We believe that learning is an ongoing process that knows no boundaries, no end point.

  • We believe that our diversity and differences strengthen our community.

  • We believe that those around us should inspire, support, and—yes—challenge us to work to our fullest potential.

Ours is a supportive learning environment that encourages curiosity and creativity, celebrates new ideas and engages people who possess a broad variety of experiences and backgrounds. Students learn to think independently and critically, to explore challenging ideas, and to celebrate the diversity of our school community.

All around the SNU Lab School is evidence of a life of learning—students and families who are fully engaged, faculty who wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else, and the unparalleled commitment from Southern Nazarene University.

Through application of educational research in human-centered design, social emotional learning, and project based learning, the SNU Lab School is becoming increasingly relevant in today's world. Since 1972, our DNA has valued these principles and we are positioned to authentically grow in a direction that will help young people belong and contribute to a world where creative and critical thinkers are needed and valued. SNU Lab School is indeed a school on the rise.

Come join our growing community!

Ron Titus, M.Ed.

Director of SNU's Lab School