Arts Integration

The SNU Lab School partners with Oklahoma A+ and serves as a Demonstration school for 'Experiential Learning.' We infuse the arts into all we do. In A+ Schools, students learn through Visual Arts, Vocal Music, Orchestra, Physical Education, Library and Media, and Bible classes every day. Lessons are fun and mix different subjects. Teachers work together to make learning interesting and effective for every student. 

Visual Arts

Students explore their creativity through diverse mediums, developing skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art. Emphasizing creative problem-solving and design thinking, this course encourages innovative approaches to art-making. Students learn to express their ideas visually.

Vocal Music

Our Vocal Music program offers students a chance to discover and refine their singing abilities. Covering a range of genres and styles, this course emphasizes the joy of singing together, enhancing students' understanding of music theory and vocal techniques. Lessons are designed to build confidence, teamwork, and a deeper appreciation for musical expression, aligning with our commitment to nurturing empathy and community.


Orchestra invites students in 3rd grade and above to learn to play violin, viola, cello, or bass. Emphasizing collaboration, students engage in ensemble performances, developing skills in musical interpretation, and learning the value of teamwork and shared artistic achievement.

Options: Beginning (First Year), Beginning / Intermediate (Second Year), and Advanced.

Requirements: Students are responsible for providing an instrument (rental information is available) Important Note: The instrument needs to be the correct size and in good playing condition.

Physical Education

Physical Education in our school is about more than just physical fitness. Students engage in a variety of daily activities that require movement, learning about teamwork, healthy living, and personal discipline. The course is designed to instill a lifelong appreciation for physical activity, while also teaching the values of empathy, sportsmanship, collaboration, and community engagement.

Library and Media

In our Library and Media class, students explore the vast world of literature and digital media. This course teaches research skills, digital literacy, and the importance of critical thinking in the information age. Students are encouraged to become responsible digital citizens, fostering a love for reading and learning, while understanding the impact of media on society and the importance of serving others.


Our Bible course offers an in-depth exploration of biblical stories and principles, fostering spiritual growth and moral understanding. The course integrates age-appropriate discussions on ethics, community service, and the importance of empathy. Students learn to apply biblical teachings to modern life, promoting a sense of community and a commitment to serving others.