SNU School of Education
Hall of Fame

The School of Education established a Hall of Fame to recognize and honor distinguished alumni and educators who have made significant contributions to the field of education. This celebration of excellence highlights the achievements of outstanding individuals in education, inspiring current and future educators.

2023 Hall of Fame

Innagural Induction Ceremony


Dr. W. Joy Beaver, Ed.D.

Inducted on November 10, 2023, Dr. Joy Beaver dedicated over six decades to education. After earning degrees from SNU, OSU, and OU, her pivotal accomplishment was founding the SNU Lab School in the 1970s, starting from humble beginnings in a storage space. Recognized with several accolades, including the Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society Hall of Fame, Dr. Beaver's impactful legacy in shaping education and community service endures beyond her passing in 2019.

Dr. Joy Beaver, born on January 29, 1925, in Bethany, Oklahoma, has left an indelible mark on the landscape of education not only in Oklahoma but beyond its borders. With an illustrious 60-year career in education, Dr. Beaver's vision, tenacity, and leadership have left an unparalleled legacy.

Educational Journey:
After graduating from Bethany Public Schools in 1942, Dr. Beaver pursued her bachelor's degree in Vocal Music Education from Southern Nazarene University (SNU), graduating in 1946. Her thirst for knowledge didn't stop there. She secured her M.S. in Elementary Education from Oklahoma State University in 1955, and in 1984, she achieved her Ed.D. in Elementary Education with an Early Childhood Emphasis from the University of Oklahoma.

Teaching and Leadership:
Dr. Beaver's journey in education began as a second-grade teacher at Bethany Public Schools in 1946. From teaching elementary school students to university students, she displayed an exceptional commitment to education. Notably, she served as the founder, director, and teacher of the SNU Lab School from 1972 to 2006 and contributed as a professor in SNU's School of Education from 1967 to 2005.

Visionary Endeavors:
In the early 1970s, with no roadmap and lacking appropriate facilities, Dr. Beaver envisioned and subsequently established a laboratory school for training teachers on the SNU campus. Starting in a mere storage space in 1972, she founded the Bethany Nazarene College Early Childhood Learning Center, which would later evolve into the SNU Lab School. Today, this institution has educated over 4,000 youths and 1,000 university students, expanding from its initial focus on early childhood to include students up to the 8th grade.

Service and Recognition:
Dr. Beaver's commitment to her community was unwavering. A lifelong resident of Bethany, she took on roles such as the first female SNU Alumni Association President. She engaged in a myriad of campus activities, faculty councils, committees, and student organizations. She was also a devout church member, serving in various capacities.

Dr. Beaver received numerous accolades throughout her career, including her induction into the Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society Hall of Fame in 2006 and the Outstanding Educator of America Award. Recognizing her profound impact on the state educational community, she was also a member of several important educational committees and associations in Oklahoma.

On May 15, 2019, the world lost Dr. Joy Beaver, whose life epitomized dedication, enthusiasm, and an unyielding drive to enact change. As SNU's School of Education introduces its first Hall of Fame class, it's fitting to commemorate Dr. Beaver's achievements. Her legacy is evident in every classroom, every lesson, and every student who has had the privilege to be a part of the institution she built from the ground up. Her work shaped the educational experiences of countless students and developed a generation of educators who continue to impact communities across Oklahoma and beyond.


Dr. Beverly DeVries

Inducted on November 10, 2023, Dr. Beverly A. DeVries, Ed.D., an educator at Southern Nazarene University until 2016, now directs ESL programs for refugees and diverse immigrants, focusing on multifaceted literacy. She emphasizes a student-centric learning approach and remains an active voice in educational standards, contributing to accreditation and program reviews for the ILA. DeVries is the author of several textbooks on literacy and writing, drawing on her doctorate in education from Oklahoma State University.

Beverly A. DeVries, Ed.D. taught at Southern Nazarene University from 1993 to 2016. She is now retired but is still involved in teaching literacy. Her students now are elementary and adult English learners. Presently she is the volunteer director at her church teaching English as a second language to Afghan refugees and immigrants from Russia, Romania, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, and Bolivia. This opportunity has made her aware of teaching all aspects of literacy—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 

She understands that no two students, whether elementary native speakers or adult English learners, learn in the same manner or at the same rate; each responds differently to various teaching techniques. She understands that the most important component of any teaching situation is the student. Teaching centers around the student! 

DeVries believes that universities must maintain high standards; thus, she got involved in writing accreditation reports for SNU’s Education Department and did training in writing program reports for the International Literacy Association (ILA). She continues to be involved in reviewing literacy programs for the ILA. This involvement allows her to learn from other literacy professionals around the United States. 

She also continues to publish textbooks on literacy assessment and on using mentor texts to teach the 6 + 1 Writing Traits. Her textbooks include six editions of Literacy Assessment and Intervention for Classroom Teachers and Using Mentor Texts to Teach 6 + 1 Writing Traits. She co-authored Integrating the Language Arts with David Yellin and Sharing the Journey. 

DeVries received her doctorate in education from Oklahoma State University.


Dr. Scott Martin

Inducted on November 10, 2023, Dr. Scott Martin, with a 30-year legacy in education, leads the Odyssey Leadership Academy and the transformative Odyssey Center for Transformative Schooling. He holds a Theology bachelor's, a Creative Writing master's, and a PhD in Moral School Leadership. An author and podcaster, Dr. Martin is recognized for his global educational influence and service leadership, most notably cherishing his role as a father.

Dr. Scott Martin is a lifelong educator who has worked with students for the past 30 years as a teacher, coach, and school administrator. Dr. Martin has a Bachelor's degree in Theology, a Master's in Creative Writing, and a PhD in Moral School Leadership.

He is the founder and Executive Director of Odyssey Leadership Academy, an award-winning, internationally recognized school pursuing human flourishing within an ecosystem of creativity, innovation, meaning, and care. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Odyssey Center for Transformative Schooling, helping schools, educators, and leaders transform education around the world. He is the author of several books, including The Edupreneur's Field Guide--helping others tell impactful stories on behalf of schools and learning communities. He also hosts the Flourishing Schools podcast and authors the Insightful Educator weekly newsletter. He presents at conferences around the world on topics pertaining to education, culture, and human flourishing.

He has led students on service leadership trips around the world that have included night snorkeling in Belize, backpacking in Colorado, horseback riding in Tuscany, serving the homeless in Italy, and living and working in several major inner cities across the United States. Dr. Martin is most proud of his role as a father to two amazing young men.


Mrs. Gina McGarry

Inducted on November 10, 2023, Mrs. Gina McGarry, an educator since 1978 with degrees in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, has been a driving force at SNU Lab School, where she developed key primary education programs. A dedicated teacher and director of Camp Soar, she is passionate about literacy and student development. Outside of her professional life, Gina cherishes family time, particularly with her granddaughter, and enjoys skiing, puzzles, and movies.

Mrs. Gina McGarry began teaching at SNU Lab School in the fall of 1978.  She has a B.S. in Elementary Education, and an M.A. in Early Childhood Education.  Gina also has her Reading Specialist Certification along with certificates in the following areas:  Language Arts, Learning Disabilities, Music, Social Studies, Early Childhood Education, and Elementary Education.  After teaching two years in Pre-K and one year in the Kindergarten program, she developed a program for 1st grade and the following year, 2nd grade.  The 1st and 2nd grade programs then became the Lower Primary Department.  In addition to teaching during the school year, Gina is also the director of the summer camp program, Camp Soar.

Gina grew up in a family of educators and always knew she would follow in their footsteps.  After hearing one time that a child is lucky if they have two good teachers in all their years of schooling, Gina decided that she was going to make sure she was one of those.  Her desire is for every child to reach their full potential and experience the joy of learning.  Gina especially enjoys working with beginning readers and teaching regrouping to second graders in math.  However, what is most enjoyable to her is watching children's growth throughout the year.  It never gets old!

The McGarry family includes husband, Mike, daughter, Erin, son-in-law, Nathan, son, Matt, and granddaughter, Addie.  When not working, Gina enjoys spending time with her grandchild, Addie Joy, playing with her three dogs, reading, working crossword puzzles, and watching Hallmark movies.  Her family loves to go skiing every spring break and take summer vacations in Colorado. 


Mrs. Madelyn Campbell

Inducted on November 10, 2023, Mrs. Madelyn Campbell has been nurturing young minds since 1979 at SNU Lab School, with expertise backed by a B.S. in Home Economics/Child Development and an M.A. in Early Childhood Education. As a seasoned Pre-K teacher and mentor to university pre-service teachers, she recently expanded her impact as an adjunct professor. Madelyn advocates for play-based learning, recognizing its integral role in children's holistic development. Balancing her professional dedication, she enjoys precious moments with her family, especially her grandsons Rory and August.

Mrs. Madelyn Campbell began teaching Pre-K at SNU Lab School in 1979. She has a B.S. in Home Economics/Child Development and an M.A. in Early Childhood Ed. Besides teaching a classroom of 3, 4, and 5-year-olds, she has been privileged to work with university pre-service teachers as a mentor and cooperating teacher. Most recently, she was an adjunct professor teaching two early childhood courses providing hands-on opportunities for students to examine and record findings of how children learn.

"I love young children and enjoy watching them learn and grow.  The easiest way for children to learn is to let them play.  Providing them with simple materials, young children can develop academic, physical, and social skills.”  Parents have often commented, “When I ask my child what they did at school, all they ever tell me is that they played”.  At this age, a child’s work is play. 

The Campbell family includes sons, Aaron and Stuart and his wife Karen, and daughter, Sara. When not working, Madelyn loves to spend time with her two grandsons, Rory (2) and August (1).