Primary School

In Primary School, the curriculum expands to include foundational skills in literacy and numeracy, along with explorations in science, art, and social studies. The learning environment encourages inquiry and hands-on experiences to build critical thinking skills.

Lower Primary (Grades 1-2)

In SNU Lab School's Lower Primary grades (Grades 1-2), students embark on a foundational educational journey that encompasses literacy, numeracy, science, art, and social studies. This phase represents a shift towards more structured yet exploratory learning. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on inquiry-based and hands-on activities, fostering critical thinking skills. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to spark curiosity and joy in learning.

Students in these grades engage in more advanced reading, writing, and math lessons that incorporate scientific inquiry and reasoning. Beyond academic pursuits, we offer special classes in physical fitness, vocal music, and other subjects to ensure a well-rounded and joyful educational experience.

Upper Primary (Grades 3-4)

Upper Primary students (Grades 3-4) enter a transformative educational phase as they transition from learning to read to reading to learn. This phase is marked by the development of sophisticated thinking skills and stronger peer relationships. Our curriculum places a significant focus on problem-solving, creative thinking, and project-based learning, connecting classroom lessons to real-world applications.

Subjects such as Art, Computer Science, Library, Music, and Physical Education play a crucial role in nurturing creativity and a holistic educational experience. Collaboration and teamwork are emphasized to enhance social skills and encourage diverse perspectives. All of this unfolds within a classroom environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and exploration.

Furthermore, older students take on the role of mentors for younger ones, fostering empathy and a sense of community, while also preparing all students for a lifetime of learning and growth.