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Car Rider App - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is our Car Rider App school code?

A: 1350 

Q: When do I get my Student ID code?

A: Student Codes are sent home on the first day of school

Q: What is my Student ID code?

A: Log in to FACTS. Select your child’s name from drop-down option on the “Family” tab

The ID is the 5-digit number below student's name (Ex: ID Number: System: 10101)

Q: What if I forget my tag?

A: You will need to come in and sign a student out at the front desk.

Q: Can we get extra car tags?

A: Yes. Additional tags are $5 each.

Q: How will the system work for kids who occasionally go home with other kids?

A: The front desk will need to be notified before 3:00 pm that day.

Q: What time will students be dismissed from the building?

A: We release students from carpool each day from 3:05 pm to 3:15 pm.

Q: What if I arrive after car pick-up is over?

A: Students will remain in classrooms until 3:15 pm, at that time they will be released to aftercare (Child Care). 

Q: Does this change the aftercare (Child Care) sign-out procedure?

A: This does not change the After Care sign out procedure. Parents are required to sign out students from aftercare. Additional fees apply for students picked up after 3:20.

Q: Will staff continue to assist my child from the building to the car?

A: Yes, additionally, the staff will now verify backpack and car tag numbers match.

Q: Do I need a tag if I walk up to pick up my child?

A: Yes, for everyone’s safety, we will require verification to release students.

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