The Lab School Academy offers a specialized curriculum emphasizing creative problem-solving, design thinking, and innovation. Students prepare for college-level work while being equipped with essential skills for the future, instilling a sense of community, empathy, and the importance of giving back through structured service activities.

Lower Academy (Grades 9 & 10)

In the Lower Academy, students begin an important journey of intellectual and creative exploration that is key to their personal and academic growth. Our curriculum, emphasizing creative problem-solving, design thinking, and innovation, aims to nurture innovative thinkers and problem-solvers, preparing them for college-level work and essential life skills.

Our expert teachers guide students through this developmental phase with a program that balances independence with advanced learning challenges, creating a supportive environment. The variety of teachers and teaching styles in the Lower Academy strengthens teacher-student relationships, encouraging students to confidently engage in discussions and express their ideas, building a resilient and inquisitive intellectual character.

Students also enjoy the freedom to choose from arts and elective courses, allowing them to explore and develop their interests and talents. Integral to the Lower Academy experience is our commitment to community and service, with structured activities that foster a sense of empathy and a dedication to giving back, connecting them with the diverse community of Oklahoma City.

Upper Academy (Grades 11 & 12)

Anticipated Launch date: August 2025

The Upper Academy will partner with SNU undergraduate programs to offer college credit courses, allowing students to get a head start on their higher education journey. Students also develop a greater sense of their purpose through developing a service-oriented portfolio that focuses on academic excellence, leadership, and preparing students for success in college and beyond.