Early Childhood

In these foundational years, the focus is on nurturing curiosity and a love for learning in a warm, engaging environment. The curriculum fosters social, emotional, and cognitive development through play-based and experiential learning activities.

Pre-Kindergarten Program Overview

Pre-Kindergarten is a nurturing and developmental program tailored to the needs of three, four, and five-year-old children. Our experience-based curriculum encompasses language, math, motor skill development, science, social studies, and the creative arts. With a strong emphasis on social development, we integrate it into every aspect of our daily routine.

Morning Session: The morning session welcomes children who are at least three years old by June 1st.

All-Day Session: The all-day session is open to children who are at least four years old by September 1st.


In our Pre-K classrooms, we actively nurture children's innate curiosity and their eagerness to explore and understand the world. Our teachers create a vibrant learning environment filled with numerous choices, which encourages exploration, initiative, and collaboration among the students. This atmosphere empowers children to become more self-reliant and bolsters their confidence as they make decisions and adhere to classroom routines.

Moreover, our educational journey extends beyond the confines of the classroom, offering enriching experiences in areas such as the library, music, and physical education.

Through engaging activities like storytelling, creative writing, and "show and tell," children immerse themselves in language development, honing their communication skills to become effective communicators. Furthermore, mathematical concepts are seamlessly woven into their daily activities, whether it's counting days or following recipes.

Our projects are a fusion of language, science, and various artistic forms like painting, clay, and music. These projects not only captivate young minds but also broaden their understanding of the world around them, fostering holistic development.


Our Kindergarten program is tailored to support the well-rounded development of young children, addressing their intellectual, language, physical, and social growth throughout the entire day.

In the area of Reading and Language Arts, children engage with quality literature and participate in activities like group reading, writing, and independent exploration. These activities help them develop skills in recognizing letters and sounds, expanding their vocabulary, and understanding what they read.

Mathematics is taught in a hands-on way, using real objects to help children grasp concepts related to numbers, shapes, and measurement.

We also integrate Science and Social Studies into our curriculum by exploring various topics and incorporating field trips and projects.

Additionally, we emphasize Christian values in our daily activities, including reading Bible stories, discussing character development, and praying together. Our Christian teachers guide this aspect of learning.