Graduate Studies Lab

Graduate students pursuing their degree in Educational Leadership (MAEL), Counseling Psychology (MSCP), Administration of Special Education (MAASE), or Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Administration and Leadership have a unique opportunity to align graduate-level research with the Lab School. Masters and Doctoral candidates are able to research, observe, and interview the highly qualified mastery teachers and align their theses and dissertations and contribute to the continuous improvement of the Lab School while meeting their academic goals.

The Lab School Experience for Grad Students

The major benefit of a the SNU Lab School is our connection with university research. Our pedagogy lends itself to sustaining and improving active learning environments. The Lab School approach to continuous improvement positions itself perfectly for university research identifying best practices. We are then able to apply the research to create world-class learning opportunities for students. It's like one had washing the other.

Educational Leadership (MAEL)

Certainly all of the MAEL courses open themselves up to collaboration with the Lab School. However, the ED 6153 Educational Research course examines the application of principals, methods, and techniques of research in education. Includes interpretation, evaluation, and use of research as well as an introduction to techniques of reporting research.

Counseling Psychology (MSCP)

The MSCP program offers a wide variety of areas to align with at the Lab School. Courses such as PSY 6133 Research Methods I, PSY 6133 Research Methods II, PSY 5153 Psychological and Career Assessment, PSY 6303 Counseling Children and Adolescents, and PSY 6993 Thesis easily align with many of the practices applied daily within the Lab school.

Administration of Special Education (MAASE)

Master of Arts in Administration of Special Education (MAASE) is for special education teachers that want to extend their education and earn a Master’s degree that includes Special Education with administration and leadership emphasis. MAASE will include theory and practice of program development, evaluation and assessment, law and policy, management of IEPs, staff, parents as well as students. The curriculum will include community relations and communications, budgeting and ethics. The Lab School provides a context and partnerships with local programs so you can learn from current leaders in Special Education, and gain a practical, invaluable experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Administration and Leadership

Few Doctoral programs offer the ability to study real-life students and programs as a built-in part of the university. This is one are where SNU's Lab School shines brightest. The Doctor of Education (Ed.D) degree in Administration and Leadership is a program for professionals who wish to affect their institutions, organizations, or communities through sound leadership principles based on a Christian worldview. This research-based program encourages practitioners to expand their knowledge base, examine the intricacies of leadership, contribute to their fields of study, and inspire meaningful change in their environments. The SNU Lab school is committed to apply best practices in Project Based Learning (PBL), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and Designing Schools for Belonging to achieve a model where students are able to flourish and ultimately develop the ability to take an active stance toward education.