What makes us different makes a difference.

Our physical design supports our learning design.

How is our learning experience structured?

  • Multi-Aged Grouping - We organize students by independence level in order to support student autonomy through mixed-age and peer learning.
  • Student Agency - Students take ownership of their education.
  • Extended Year / Extended Day - We provide a substantive learning environment for an extended year & day schedule.​
  • Community Learning - Our school is "designed for belonging."

Multi-Aged Grouping

We organize students by independence level (not age) in order to support student autonomy.

  • Instead of grouping students by a fixed trait such as age, we group our students by level of independence.
  • Students are given as much structure and support as they need to be successful in their academic and character growth.

Student Agency

Students take ownership of their education.

  • We believe in creating a platform for students to develop their ability to take action, assume responsibility for their behavior in a safe learning environment, and apply all this in unfamiliar situations.
  • To support the development of student agency, students learn how to set meaningful goals and hold themselves accountable for their learning and personal development.
  • Students own their learning and have a voice in their school experience.

Extended Day

Extended Day / After Care Opportunities

  • Extended Day is an opportunity for students to have additional time to work on meeting their personal and project goals, since we do not assign homework on top of these goals. Supervising teachers offer advice and strategies for the completion of assignments.
  • Students are supported during Extended Day in finding quiet or collaborative work spaces. In addition, we strive to offer a variety of Extended Day activities to expand student horizons.
  • Our goal is to increase co-curriculuar clubs related to reading, robotics, cartooning, foreign language, arts, and sports. The programs are offered according to teacher expertise/availability and student interest level. Some Extended Day programs are outsourced using university students, and some activities are led by Lab School students (with an adult sponsor.)

Extended Year

Extended Year Opportunities

  • Summer 2020 information is coming in January 2020.
  • Extended Year academic camps offer a highly successful summer enrichment series designed for students to receive individual attention in small groups. Instructors are highly qualified educators, all certified, and many with master's degrees.
  • Past Camps have inclued Literacy & Science/Math Camp, Woodworking, Ukelele, Cooking, Intro to Programming, and Coding, Intro to Programming, and Coding.

Community Learning

Designing for Belonging

  • Students receive mentorship from university students and community members, which prepares them for apprenticeships and internships.
  • Students also learn from the community through guest speakers, field studies, and community service.
  • Students exhibit their work to a public audience during our annual 'Open House' to give back to the community and learn from their feedback and expertise.