Andrea Guy, Science Teacher, SNU Lab School
SNU Lab School, 3100 North Rockwell, Bethany, OK 73008


Bethany, Oklahoma (December 16, 2020) SNU Lab School is pleased to announce it has received a $996.31 STEM grant from the Toshiba America Foundation (TAF) for a Learning in Motion project. These funds will support teaching physics principles based on Newton's Laws of Motion as a part of the Physical Science curriculum.

SNU Lab School students learn about Science through three main categories: Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science. The proposed project focuses on Physical Science, an area in which students typically learn concepts about energy and how it can travel from place to place by moving objects or through sound, light, heat or electric currents. Students also learn about the transfer of energy through the chemical process of food energy, about waves and how they travel through different surfaces such as water, air and solids, about the gravitational force of Earth acting on an object, and about what happens to matter in chemical reactions. This project adds experiential learning to the Laws of Motion concepts taught in classes.

“Experiential learning is deeply ingrained in the DNA of the Lab School and is something all of our teachers do exceptionally well. I applaud the initiative of ‘Miss Andrea’ Guy to pursue this grant on behalf of our kids. This will add another high quality project to our Project Based Learning curriculum.” Ron Titus, Director.

Toshiba America Foundation’s grants fund projects designed by individual classroom teachers. This “direct-to-teacher” approach brings immediate results. Teachers are able to change the way they teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects because the grant supports equipment for hands-on experiments and inquiry-based approaches to the curriculum. TAF believes that STEM can be a lot more fun than just reading a textbook. TAF grants make the classroom a more exciting place for both teachers and students.

Founded in 1990 with support from Toshiba Corporation and the Toshiba America Group Companies, Toshiba America Foundation (TAF) is a non-profit grant making organization dedicated to helping classroom teachers make STEM learning fun and successful for K to 12 students in U.S. schools. TAF grants support public and nonprofit private schools throughout the United States. For more information, please visit

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