Skills-Based Curriculum

Students learn best when their school experience is connected to real life. Skills-based curriculum focuses on equipping students with required knowledge and appropriate life skills.

Foundational Fluencies

  • Students achieve fluency in the language arts of speaking, reading, writing, as well as math, and digital literacy.

  • They are also exposed to deeper learning concepts through an integrated approach in health and wellness, music, arts, science, and social studies, including civics, finance, economics, and world cultures.

Academic Standards

  • While most schools (public and private) will not reveal their academic plan, one of the great things about being a private Christian school is that we can prioritize our beliefs without compromise.

  • We unapologetically organize our skills-based curriculum around the following academic standards:

Math & English Language Arts (CCSS)

Science & Technical (NGSS)

History & Social Studies (C3)

Content Area Learning

  • English Language Arts

    • Reading: Literature

    • Reading: Informational Text

    • Reading: Foundational Skills

    • Writing

    • Speaking & Listening

    • Language

  • Math

    • Counting & Cardinality

    • Operations & Algebraic Thinking

    • Number & Operations in Base Ten

    • Number & Operations: Fractions

    • Measurement & Data

    • Geometry

  • Science & Technical

    • Earth and Space Science

    • Physical Science

    • Life Science

  • History & Social Studies

    • History

    • Geography

    • Civics

    • Economics

  • Connections

    • Music

    • Physical Education