Project-Based Learning

Developing Creative Confidence by Design

Project-based learning (PBL) is a dynamic classroom approach in which students explore real-life, augmented, and virtual contexts to acquire a deeper knowledge of the material at hand.

SNU Lab School students spend roughly half their time at learning through interdisciplinary projects.

Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to develop creative confidence. This approach allows them to gain the ability to do whatever they set out to do, in their own way, preparing them to face uncertain circumstances in a changing world.

Our core belief is that all children can learn. We understand how fear of failure and fear of being judged stop students from taking creative risks. By beginning with empathy, we focus on being human-centered and helping others. Our curriculum thrives on experimentation and taking small steps which give students permission to try new behaviors despite their fear.

At our school the role of the teacher is to mentor and guide students to master new behaviors with a series of incremental challenges. By learning how to face the things that might intimidate them, students learn how fear and uncertainty becomes a catalyst for personal growth and building self-confidence.

Project-Based Learning

  • Learning & Innovation
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Communication and Collaboration
  • Information, Media & Technology Skills
    • Information Literacy
    • Media Literacy
    • Communications and Technology Literacy
  • Life & Career Skills
    • Flexibility and Adaptability
    • Initiative and Self-Direction
    • Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
    • Productivity and Accountability
    • Leadership and Responsibility